HOME Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim-RCMC Limited is a Government Registered NON BANKING FINANCE & INVESTMENT COMPANY.This Company is Registered from the Joint Stock Companies & Farms under COMMERCE MINISTRY.Registration number of the company is 98918/12.This company is working in Bangladesh since 2012 according to Bangladesh Bank ACT 1994 as a Non Banking Finance Company by the ISLAMI SARIAH.

This is a sister concern of ROPANTOR GROUP Ltd.


1.Finance Management

2.Credit Finance

3.Deposit Money

4.Commerce Management

5.Receive Money

6.Mutual Fund Management


FINANCING is much more than just a monetary transaction.Every transaction has a purpose and our purpose is finance happiness.

RCMC Limited is working with the root level people of Bangladesh.We are working to develop the financial status of root level people of Bangladesh.We are working to involb the root level people in trade and commerce.Our main motto is to stublish the partnership business with the root level people according to ISLAMI SARIAH.Our all scheme is interest free -we are committed to build up the partnership business by profit sharing.